How To Winterize Your Skincare Routine: Winter Routine For Dry Sensitive Skin

How To Winterize Your Skincare Routine: Winter Routine For Dry Sensitive Skin

During winter the air gets colder which makes your skin drier. And for those who have dry skin, conditions might get worsen. But, most people stick to their old summer skincare routine in chilly winters, which elevates their skin problems. The hot water bath, room heater, and woolen clothes are also reasons why your skin feels more itchy, scaly, and red. Thankfully, twitch the right skincare method, you can reduce the effects of winter

Below, we have shared an effective natural winter skincare routine with Yahvi skincare products that would keep your skin healthy, soft, and plumpy in dry itchy winter. Let’s explore!

How Should One Take Care of Their Skin During The Colder Months?

1. Use a Hydrating Cleanser

Include cleanser in your skincare routine for winter, as it helps to keep your skin deeply hydrated and protect it from drying out. Yahvi Face Cleanser Rose is the best face wash for winter that gently cleanses your skin without making your skin dry. The natural ingredients in the product also provide the required nourishment to your skin.

2. Exfoliate Twice a Week

You should consider exfoliating your skin twice a week with Yahvi Face & Body Scrub Coffee & Walnut. It helps to remove the dead cells and clear up the skin to absorb moisturizer and deeply nourish it. However, make sure to use a mild exfoliating product to avoid stripping away the natural oil.

3. Opt for a Hydrating Serum

A natural hydrating serum helps to keep your skin hydrated. Check if your regular serum is providing your skin with enough hydration. If not, then switch to Yahvi Face Serum Cucumber. It contains the goodness of the cucumber which soothes and calms your skin and also offers the required hydration to it.

4. Keep Your Skin Moisturized

Your regular moisturizer might not be enough to protect your skin from chilly winter. Try switching to a more thick moisturizer that has a higher emollient content. To opt for the best face cream for dry skin, look for a moisturizer that is light and thick in consistency, and contains hydrating properties.

Include Yahvi Body Butter Rich Coffee With Shea Butter, Aloevera & Coffee Extract in your body care regime. The Ayurvedic moisturizer contains shea butter which replenishes lost moisture and also helps to keep the skin deeply moisturized. And for your face, opt for the Yahvi Illuminating Day Cream With Manjistha & Aloevera which is one of the best face creams for dry skin.

5. Do Not Skip SPF Protection

Now, what is the one area in which you absolutely should not make any cuts? Sunscreen. Even though you aren't experiencing as much of the sun's heat, the UV rays can still cause harm to your skin. Sunburns may not be caused by UVB rays, but premature aging caused by UVA rays, which are less direct than UVB rays but can still pass through clouds and windows, can be. UVA rays are responsible for age spots and wrinkles.

Because sun damage caused by UVA rays typically occurs in the deeper layers of your skin, the entire extent of sun damage won't be noticeable until years later, when it will be too late to treat it. It is essential to keep your focus on the task at hand; make sure your skin is well-protected throughout the entire year!

Hopefully, the above tips would help you to choose the right skincare routine for winter. However, everyone has a different skin type and skin necessities, so it is best to understand yours and then opt for the right Yahvi skincare products accordingly.