Yahvi Rose Face Cleanser (100ml)

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:Nature To Skin Care
Marketed by
:Nature to skin care Pvt. Ltd.
Manufactured by
:Multani Pharmaceuticals Ltd.
Product Type
: Face Cleanser
: NTS1020
Country of Origin
: India

Yahvi Ayurvedic formula with genuine herbs and spices. Natural&  organic, Paraben -free, cruelty-free. Yahvi Face Cleanser Rose is a paraben-free face cleanser that softly removes smudge-free make-up without drying out the skin. Aloe Vera has natural healing and rejuvenating properties that reduces skin irritation. Glycerin hydrates the skin, relieves dryness, and refreshes its surface. Rose Water brightens the skin and reduces redness. For daily clear skin loaded with brightening benefits of Rose & Aloe Vera.