Yahvi Pink Salt & Tamarind Sugar Scrub With Aloevera (100ml)

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:Nature To Skin Care
Marketed by
:Nature to skin care Pvt. Ltd.
Manufactured by
:Multani Pharmaceuticals Ltd.
Product Type
: Face scrub
: NTS1017
Country of Origin
: India

Yahvi Ayurvedic formula with genuine herbs. Natural & Organic, Paraben -free, cruelty-free. Yahvi Pink Salt & Tamarind Sugar Scrub has the ability to completely cleanse pores while also gently exfoliating dead skin. Tamarind contains alpha hydroxy acids, which help exfoliate the skin and clear the pores. Pink salt has anti-inflammatory properties that heal and soothe skin by calming irritations and breakouts. Massage the scrub into damp skin for one minute, then rinse and moisturize your face. Repeat once or twice a week.