Yahvi Luxurious Hair Care Gift Set

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Marketed by
:Nature to skin care Pvt. Ltd.
Manufactured by
:Multani Pharmaceuticals Ltd.
Product Type
: Gift Box
: NTS1062
Country of Origin
: India

Experience the luxurious power of Yahvi’s hair care set, enhanced with onion oil shampoo and aloe vera gel. Our premium formula helps restore strength, shine, and manageability to your tresses. Enjoy luxurious, salon-quality hair with an exclusive blend of nature’s finest ingredients.

The Yahvi Luxurious Hair Care Gift Set is the perfect pampering treat for yourself or a loved one! Our amazing set includes Yahvi Onion Oil, Onion Shampoo and Aloe Vera Gel - all the ingredients you need for stunningly soft and luxurious locks! Enjoy the onion-y goodness without the tears! 

In this set, you'll find the YAHVI HAIR OIL ONION – a potent concoction infused with the nurturing essence of onion. It generously feeds your hair follicles, stimulating their growth for a lush mane that turns heads.

Accompanying it is the YAHVI HAIR SHAMPOO ONION, designed to revitalize and rejuvenate. The magic of onion nurtures your hair from root to tip, infusing it with life and strength.

And for a soothing touch, there's the YAHVI ALOE VERA GEL. It's not just any gel; it's a remedy for a content scalp. With the essence of aloe vera, it imparts a calming sensation while promoting a healthier environment for hair growth.

As for the Onion Shampoo, it's an unparalleled treasure for your hair. Onion Juice joins hands with Bhringraj, preventing hair fall and making sure you keep your lovely locks. And Aloe Vera? It's there to pamper your scalp, ensuring it's as healthy as can be.

The Onion Hair Oil, on the other hand, is your hair's secret ally. With the dynamic duo of Onion Juice and Sesame Oil, it stimulates growth and fights against premature greying. Flax Seeds add the final touch, eliminating dandruff woes and promoting a healthier scalp.

Aloe Vera is a natural moisture powerhouse, deeply hydrating your hair and keeping them luxuriously soft and manageable. Aloe Vera's anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties keep dandruff at bay, ensuring a flake-free scalp. Aloe Vera maintains the scalp's pH balance, reducing excess oiliness and keeping your hair fresh for longer.

Give the gift of luxurious hair care this Festive Season and let your loved ones experience the enchantment of strong, vibrant hair. Because in this gift set, every drop of care is designed to unleash the majestic beauty of their hair! 🌟🌸