Yahvi Shower Temptations Gift Box

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Marketed by
:Nature to skin care Pvt. Ltd.
Manufactured by
:Multani Pharmaceuticals Ltd.
Product Type
: Gift Box
: NTS1072
Country of Origin
: India

Get ready to level up your shower game with the totally awesome Yahvi Shower Temptations Gift Set. It's not just a gift box; it's a whole vibe for both homies and homegirls. Trust us, your shower routine is about to get lit!

**Treat Yo' Senses:** Prepare for a sensory explosion! From the coffee-infused body wash that's like a wake-up party for your skin, to the chill vibes of lavender that'll soothe your soul, every product is like a concert for your senses.

**Hair Glow-Up:** Give your hair the ultimate upgrade with the Onion Hair Oil and Onion Hair Shampoo. Yeah, we're talking hair goals - strong, shiny, and totally slaying.

**Slayin' Skin Care:** Step up your shower experience with the Yahvi Body Wash in coffee or lavender flavors. Say bye-bye to boring showers and hello to skin that's all glowin' and flowin'.

**Skin Love:** Get that skin poppin' with the Milk Protein Body Lotion. It's like a big hug for your bod, leaving it soft and smooth. Seriously, your skin will thank you.

**Face Time, Fresh Time:** Keep that face fresh with the Foaming Face Wash in the Energizing Fusion flavor. It's like a mini rave for your face, leaving you energized and ready to slay the day.

**Butter Me Up:** Finish off your shower routine with the Body Butter. Whether it's the rich coffee aroma or the calming lavender vibes, your skin's gonna feel like a million bucks.

**Choose Your Vibe:** This gift set comes in three fire variations: Energizing Fusion for those who wake up and slay, Serene Lavender for the chill vibes, and Passionate Summer for the hot times. It's all about choosing the vibe that fits your flow.

Level up your shower game and let Yahvi's premium products take you on a journey to ultimate chill or pure energy - whatever floats your boat. Go ahead, treat yo' self or treat your squad with this lit gift set that's all about good vibes and good times.

**Variant 1: Energizing Fusion**
Yo, it's time to turn up the energy! Get ready to bounce out of bed with the Yahvi Shower Temptations Gift Set - Energizing Fusion Variant. Rock your hair and body with the power of onion and the hype of coffee. It's like a party for your shower routine, giving you the boost you need to conquer the day.

**Variant 2: Serene Lavender**
Chill vibes, anyone? The Yahvi Shower Temptations Gift Set - Serene Lavender Variant is all about those laid-back, zen feels. Let the fresh lavender take you to a whole new level of calm. It's like a spa day in your shower, and you're the VIP.

**Variant 3: Passionate Summer**
Sun's out, vibes out! The Yahvi Shower Temptations Gift Set - Passionate Summer Variant is here to bring the heat. Embrace the summer vibes with products that scream sunshine and good times. It's like a beach party for your shower routine, no sunscreen required.

So, what's your vibe gonna be? Take your shower routine to the next level with Yahvi's premium products that are all about fun, freshness, and good times. Get ready to slay, squad! 🚀🛁🌟